Common IT problems – and why they surface…

Although working in IT throws up the occasional ‘once in a lifetime’ issue, many of the problems that we deal with are ones that many, many businesses experience at some point.

And almost every time the root of the issue is a lack of knowledge about the equipment and structure that technology requires in a modern business.

That’s not a bad thing – we have that knowledge because it is our job and we would not expect a solicitor, accountant or restaurant owner to know the ins and outs of a server.

Not knowing what you should have in place…

What computers should my business be using? What do I need to provide for my employees? What security measures am I required to have in place? What paperwork should exist in relation to IT? Do I need an IT company?

The answer to all of these questions is….it depends. Not very helpful I know but the size of your business, where your employees are and the sort of data you are dealing with makes a difference to your business plan in terms of IT.

And if you don’t plan in advance you could see a huge drop in productivity, end up being the victim of cybercrime or breach regulations.

What may be helpful is that we can provide a free audit for your business and answer the questions for you – just give us a call on 01743 290588.

Allowing a member of staff who ‘knows a bit about IT’ to try and solve an issue.

In every office, there is usually an employee who knows a little about computers and printers and systems and they are often called on to sort out whatever may be troubling the tech.

And often this will be no problem (as long as productivity is not affected by a member of your staff spending their time fixing IT issues rather than doing the role you employ them to do).

But when the problem is more complicated it can make it worse if someone without training tries to fix it.

Slow running computers susceptible to viruses and malware.

Computers benefit from maintenance just like a car. If your computer is slow or you have problems starting it up or shutting it down, these are signs that maintenance is required.

Regular maintenance prevents these problems from occurring and mean you can have your computer looked at at a convenient time to you – if you wait for strange noises or error messages it usually means some time away from your device while the problems are addressed.

At the time of maintenance, your antivirus software can also be checked to ensure it is up to date and working properly.

Preparation and prevention is key

In our experience, a lot of common IT problems could be prevented with an audit, planning and regular maintenance.