CLIENT ALERT – Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed Bug

the biggest IT flaw since the millennium bug

On Monday
7th April 2014, IT security researchers announced an Internet
security flaw in OpenSSL, a software library used to protect internet traffic
such as email and instant messaging. For the past two years this has given
hackers, aware of the flaw, the ability to extract large amounts of data from
websites that we use every day such as Yahoo, Facebook and Amazon.

With experts predicting that two thirds of the world’s web-servers use the
OpenSSL software this is an extremely serious security flaw

  1. We
    recommend internet users change ALL online passwords as soon as possible.
  2. If
    you are running an online shop or have log-ins for customers on your
    website, it would be wise to contact your website developer or hosting
    company to check your website has been patched.

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