CLIENT ALERT – Gameover Zeus Global Cybersting

Here at NSS, we see it as part of our job to keep you abreast of all cyber-threats likely to affect you as a small business or private computer user. We make no apology for this, although we are very aware
that some of you may start to get ‘alert fatigue’ and cease to take action. Please don’t – that’s exactly what the cyber-criminal gangs are counting on.

‘This is the new normal.’ ….. said the FBI

That was the chilling comment from the FBI last week.
Sadly, constant vigilance is the price we now have to pay for conducting our
lives, our business and our financial affairs online.

Gameover Zeus

Today, we are letting you know about yet another
extremely hostile cyber-threat specifically targeting businesses like yours. It
may prove even more damaging in its effects than the data-hostage taking
Cyberlocker virus of December 2013.

On 3rd June Dave Lee, Technology Correspondent of the BBC.

“Alarming news from the UK’s National Crime Agency
(NCA): of a major cyber-threat. The warning came as the FBI, in partnership
with authorities around the world, shut down a network of criminally operated
computers stealing important information from victims’ machines. 15,000 UK
users were known to have been hit; millions have been affected world-wide.

Am I affected?

If you are using Windows you may be, so please read on.

“Gameover Zeus is a nasty piece of malware – malicious
software – that will fish around your computer for files that look like they
may contain financial or other sensitive information. Once it finds them, it
steals them. The FBI has said that the criminals in this case used
“phishing” emails to install Gameover Zeus on victims’ computers. A
phishing email is one that looks like it came from somewhere official, like
your bank, but didn’t – instead directing you to mistakenly download the
malware. Users in the UK will be alerted by the internet service provider
(ISP), warning them that they are at risk. If you get one of these notices,
please act immediately.”

Scan your system now

GetSafeOnline.org – a government-backed
initiative – published a list of downloads it recommends to
run a sweep of your system.  You can also use the following site UK Cyber Emergency Readiness Team (Cert) instead.’

What will happen in 2 weeks?

If you run these checks and ensure the safety of your
PCs and data – nothing. However, the FBI believes that the botnet
– that’s the network of criminally-controlled, hijacked computers –
will be back up and running and fully operation within 14 days.

Good practice in an insecure new world

We have written a longer Checklist of Good Practice which you can print

If you want to know more about the practical steps you
can take to protect yourself and your business online – please get in touch
with us.  Call us on 01743 290588 or email katy@networksupportsolutions.co.uk.