Client Alert : Adobe Systems Hacked – Increase Your Password Security

During early October 2013 Adobe’s
system was penetrated by cyber hackers
who stole the online information for
millions of the programs users. Preliminary estimates suggested that 2.9 million records had been
compromised. On the 30th October Adobe revised this figure to 38 million; the total was eventually
reported as 150 million accounts

One concern which has been highlighted since this event is Password Security; it was found that
the most common password used by the stolen user accounts was “123456” with
other common passwords being “123456789”, “password” and “111111”.

We would like to remind you of the vital importance of strong
password security.

Things to avoid
when choosing a password include simple strings of numbers, your name or date
of birth and your log in username or a variation of it.

A secure and
password should contain a combination of at least 8 uppercase and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

It is good practice to change your passwords several times
each year. Memorise your password rather
than storing it in notes or files. Never save it on your computer. It’s one of
the first things cyber hackers look for when they get into your system.

A useful tip to help you create more memorable yet secure passwords
is to choose a phrase of 4 words that you are likely to remember – then jumble the
words up. Finally turn them into a combination of letters, numbers and symbols
that resemble the words. E.g. Use 3 instead of E, $ instead of s, @ instead of
a. Remember to substitute Capital (upper case) letters at least twice for lower
case letters within your password.

we can’t give you a password to use, we can advise you on the importance of
password security. If you would like more information do lcontact
us on 0808 168
5999 or katy@networksupportsolutions.co.uk