What to Do When your Internet Connection Drops Out

of the most common IT problems we deal with here at Network Support
Solutions is internet connectivity loss. When diagnosing the cause of
internet loss there are several possible reasons. 

  1. Telephone line problems – These include external breaks in the line or planned maintenance.
  2. Internet Service Provider (ISP) problems. These include service maintenance, outages or usage limit exceeded.
  3. Physical IT System Hardware – Include: Routers faults/configuration issues or Ethernet cabling problems.
  4. Software – Include: Incorrect internet configuration, virus infection or PC and server configuration.

Before you call us:

ensure that your internet loss problems are addressed and fixed with
minimal downtime there are several steps you can take prior to calling
us to help us diagnose the root cause.

  1. Power-cycle the router.
    Routers can be prone to locking-up so this is the first place to start.
    Turn off and leave off for 20 seconds before turning it back on.
  2. Check cabling.
    Double-check all network cables into the router and the machines
    (PC/Laptop/Server). This is a common culprit if it is just a single
    machine which isn’t connecting.
  3. Determine if both wired devices and wireless devices are both disconnected.
  4. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Requesting
    a line test from your service provider will ensure external issues are
    ruled out. If we provide you with your internet, then we will do this
    for you. 
  5. Contact your Telephone Line Provider. This may be separate from your internet service provider. Request a line test.

If after trying all of above, there is still no sign of your internet reconnecting, then please contact us on 01952 68403001952 68403001952 684030 or email Katy@networksupportsolutions.co.uk and we will
do our very best to get your internet back up and running.