Businesses meeting the challenge of change in 2020

IT is an industry dominated by constant change so, when many business owners were trying to work differently, we were able to help them make the changes, support them to adjust and reassure them that change is not always a bad thing.

A great number of businesses are now happily working differently, with their staff able to flex their place, pace and hours of work.

Change in the right direction, and with the right support, can really help a business to meet its goals.

So what changes have some of our clients made in terms of their technology, and the way they work, since the lockdown was imposed on March 23rd?

Employees working from home

For many employees working from home can be more convenient and allow them to work longer hours, but unless systems are in place to allow them to access all of the work they need to, it is not an offering an employer can make.

Following the lockdown, many employers took the step to adapt systems, allowing them to be accessed via VPN from home offices. Now employees are returning to work they are able to – if they wish – offer those that would benefit, and option to continue to work from home.

Meetings and conferences via video

Video conferencing was already possible and being widely used prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, but those businesses that did not have sufficient broadband, or did not supply employees with computers that included cameras, or webcams, were unable to bring it in as an option.

We have worked with a number of clients to replace old equipment with equipment that meets the need of how we are now working. In terms of productivity, those businesses with clients based across the country are already reaping the benefits.

Updating employee technology

Exchanging old PCs for more up to date equipment is one step, but many businesses are investing further by providing employees with tablets or upgraded mobile phones that will allow for greater change to be implemented over the coming months.

For many businesses, their customer base has also changed greatly in the past few months and is now more willing to use online systems and, in many cases, may prefer to have up to date technology bringing all of their dealings together.


Whatever our clients need at the moment we are looking to support them, but we are also reassuring them that utilising technology is highly likely to lead to growth, increased productivity and many more benefits.