Business Benefits of Hi-Speed Broadband

Connecting_Shropshire_logoConnecting Shropshire,
the multi-million pound high-speed fibre broadband programme, has
already connected 20,000 homes and business across the county. 13 more
exchange areas will get high-speed fibre broadband by the end of 2015.

To find out if your area is going to be available in your area use the online map and line checker.

What’s the Benefit?

When it comes to internet speed; FTTC (commonly called fibre broadband) can bring a world of opportunity to your business. The benefits of faster broadband include:

  • Video and conference calls
  • Staff working efficiently from home through a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Faster download and upload speeds – improving the potential use of cloud backup/databases.
  • HD video streaming
  • Faster internet browsing

ADSL Broadband

If you do not currently have FTTC then it is very likely
that your internet is run via ADSL. ADSL lines are described by Connecting

“Digital information
is sent over copper telephone lines. Electrical resistance causes the speeds to
be slowed down and the further away you are from the nearest telephone
exchange, the more resistance your connection will face causing it to be

ADSL lines are limited to the speeds they can provide, FTTC
is currently being rolled out all across Shropshire and with this comes the
opportunity for much higher speeds.

FTTC or Fibre Broadband

FTTC lines are described by Connecting Shropshire as:

Digital information is
sent as pulses of light through glass fibres, which is faster because there is
less resistance. Along fibre cables, distance isn’t such much of an issue
because information can travel at the speed of light.

Visit Connecting Shropshire Website

If you would like more information on FTTC in Shropshire
then you can find a wealth of information at Connecting Shropshire.
On the the website you can check if FTTC is available in your area, and if not, when
it is due to be available.

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