Broadband – stay connected with new funding


It’s been an ongoing concern for many businesses and homes for some time, heightened by the recent need for more people to work remotely during the lockdown. But there is help at hand in the form of an additional £1m in funding from Shropshire Council.

Differing broadband connections have made a difference to the way businesses and employees have been able to work from home during the pandemic – different speeds sparking different levels of frustration!

Broadband is evolving quickly to meet demands and the way people work. If there are 15 to 30 employees working from home, they all have different broadband speeds and are living in different areas, it can be very challenging – but it IS evolving and news of the additional funding is a large part of that.

The scheme

The extra £1m is being made available to ‘top-up’ the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, part of the partnership between Shropshire Council and the Government’s Department for Digital Culture, Media & Sport to get more people connected.

It is part of a Government commitment for a digitally connected Britain through Gigabit-capable broadband connections, which provide the most reliable speeds available.

The goal of the scheme and the additional investment is to help and support residents and businesses who are not currently included in any Connecting Shropshire Contract.

How does it work?

In order to qualify for the scheme, groups of two or more businesses or residents must be unable to access broadband speeds of 100mbps and be based in a rural area. The additional funding means businesses will now be able to access up to a maximum of £7,000 per voucher – an extra £3,500 on that previously available, while for homes the figure rises by £2,500 to a maximum £4,000 per voucher.

The voucher scheme closes to new applications in March 2021 so if anyone is unaware of it, hasn’t yet applied for funding, or has any further questions about how it works, we would advise you to act swiftly.

It’s easy to get involved and for more information or to apply, visit the council website at http://connectingshropshire.co.uk/gigabit-broadband-voucher-scheme/ and follow the links.

It might just be the best connection you can make!