Are your employees always doing their job?

The more productive your workforce is the more productive your business. Right?

Social media

If an employee spends three hours at their computer working on projects or business services they will get a lot more done than one that spends an hour working, half an hour looking at social media, another hour working, another 15 minutes on social media…..

But it doesn’t need to be social media that distracts employees – there is another, much bigger, distraction that happens in almost every office. It is one that affects all employees working at computers…and it costs employers a lot of time.

Computer problems

As an employer have you ever thought about how long your employees spend fixing computer problems – or helping co-workers with theirs?

How much time is taken up by a slow computer that takes a long time to load files or websites?

Is there someone in the office who has the knack of ‘computers’ so is always the one people call on – and are those people less productive than others?

Time wasted

Research shows that the average employee spends 30 minutes per week fixing computer problems of their own, or others in the office.

And that’s not counting the time it takes to get back into the work they were doing before they were called to assist….

Ultimately it means that IT infrastructure is essential to the overall productivity of a business.

Assess your IT

IT infrastructure assessments are a strategic approach to technology that can be the key to controlling costs while maintaining the standards you need to ensure your employees are not spending time on computer issues.

We know technology investment is costly, but an assessment can also assist with trimming costs and streamlining processes within a business.

And there can be costs – like employee time – that you do not even realise are being caused by outdated or un-monitored systems.

Employee productivity

An infrastructure assessment not only helps you decide whether you’re getting your money’s worth from your technology but also in whether your technology is helping to get your money’s worth out of your employees as well.

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