Are you protected?

Data breaches and cyber security are terms that have become commonplace in present-day language, yet many people are still failing to heed warnings about the dangers of operating online.

Whether it’s ignoring advice to set up simple precautions to safeguard the users or a case of it won’t happen to me, the result can be the same and equally devastating.

If you haven’t given much thought to the subject then the recent national news story about 770 million email addresses and passwords being compromised should certainly concentrate the mind.

It has been described as the largest collection of breached date ever and was posted on a hacking forum prior to Christmas. It’s been called Collection#1 and is believed to have been compiled from many single data breaches from thousands of sources rather than one single attack.

The problem is we tend to use the same password for pretty much everything because it’s easy to remember and has some significance to us.

You may have signed up to something a long time ago and forgotten all about it but if that data has been breached then everything you’ve done since is vulnerable if you’re using the same password. If one password is known the hacker will be trying to see what else it will give access to.

Password managers are a simple way of adding an extra layer of security, helping to create random passwords for every site and app you use. It’s tried and tested and a much better way of trying to ensure security than using the same couple of passwords for everything.

So, are you protected?

We are asking you to take some time today and think about your security when going online. Whether an individual or a company, the effects of being hacked can be extremely costly and a traumatic experience.

Here at PC Net we have many years of experience in keeping systems safe from attack. We can advise, supply and install anti-virus software, internet security hardware and help set up simple but effective operating rules designed to give the reassurance of a sound, secure system.

We guarantee a speedy response to your online problem with the minimum disruption to your business and are able to help protect against a loss of data by supplying a range of back-up options.

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