Ambassador Katy says take time out

We love technology – it is an integral part of our world and the millions of businesses operating across the globe.

But here at PC Net we also love gardening, and horses, and even unicycle riding!

Technology has its place

Because technology has its place – and it is a big place in this post lockdown digital world – but it is really important that in a world so dominated by technology….we take time out.

This is why we want to tell you about techtimeout, a new business committed to helping people enjoy a healthier relationship with IT, and bring you the news that our very own Katy Jones has become one of its ambassadors.

Working in the world of IT can lead to problems with health and wellbeing and it’s so easy to get caught up with the technology and ‘forget’ to look after yourself.

The aim of techtimeout is to raise awareness of the problems IT workers can face, and then offer help, training and support in order to safeguard mental health.

The business is proving to be extremely effective in helping people come to terms with the issues and addiction working with technology can bring while encouraging them to take a step back, look at the situation they are in and take the necessary time out to ensure they remain healthy.

Our mission

We, as an IT company, are only too aware of the dangers that can occur for IT workers if the situation is not recognised or goes unchecked. We are passionate about mental health and recognise the importance of having outside interests.

Katy herself has an allotment where she takes ‘time out’ on a regular basis, and although we all love technology and the productiveness and ease that technology gives to employers and employees, we feel it is important to ensure people foster other interests – that is where techtimeout is playing such a vital role.

Katy said:

“I am delighted to take on the role of ambassador for techtimeout, a group which is doing so much to help people deal with the unique problems those working in the IT industry can face.

“There is no doubt that more can and should be done to raise awareness about the issues and encourage people to come forward and seek advice, guidance and support which will help address the problems and find a way through them.

“It has never been more important for people to ensure they have interests away from work to prevent becoming obsessed or addicted to the job they are doing. IT is a fascinating job and an exciting industry to work in but it can and does take a terrible toll on many people who have no other interests.

“Taking time out is so important. It not only provides another interest to focus on but also gives the mind a break, going a long way to improving productivity at work, refreshing and reinvigorating the thought processes.”