Advantages of moving to ‘The Cloud’

If we told you years ago you’d be storing all your data in the cloud, you’d probably have looked up at the sky and wondered what on earth we were talking about!

But now cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular – and it’s easy to see why.

There are many advantages of switching over to this system, which individuals and businesses are becoming more and more aware of, but we’ve picked four of the main pros to talk you through:
1. You can control the costs: with the cloud you only pay for the storage you’re actually using which can really reduce your capital expenditure. If you run a company, you wouldn’t buy a huge office block for one person to work in, or 100 laptops if you’ve only got 5 employees – so why pay for storage you’re just not using?
2. Improved security: with a cloud system you know the providers are responsible for any patching which is needed where there could potentially be vulnerabilities in the system. Essentially it means there’s no need for you to worry – there’s a dedicated team working all day every day to ensure the safety of your data.
3. Growth: much like the other resources you’ll use within your businesses, using a cloud system gives you the option of paying for more storage as and when you need it. The storage will grow with your company.
4. Reliability: every business needs its technology to work and, especially if you’re a smaller company, some methods of improving the reliability of your systems are simply unavailable to you. That’s not the case with distributed data centres, you’ll experience the same reliability guarantees afforded to bigger companies without huge costs.
At PC Net, we have cloud experts who can talk you through the ins and outs of switching over. Whether it’s something completely new to you and you just want the benefits without the worry of having to sort everything out yourself, or you’re already convinced of the benefits of the cloud and want to start using it as quickly and simply as possible – that’s where we come in.
If you have any questions or would like to talk to us more about the cloud, just give us a call on 01743 290588 or 01952 684030, or get in touch online.