Add value to your business with IT security

An increase in the use of online technology and systems, a rise in cyber attacks and the reliance of businesses on IT infrastructure has led to security becoming an integral part of business planning.

But security itself has changed over the years and is now no longer the insurance part of a technology play in an organisation – it now has the ability to add value and attract more customers.

Defence in Depth

In a recent Defence in Depth podcast with David Spark, the producer of the Chief Information Security Officer series, Geoff Belknap, CISO of LinkedIn and Rishi Tripathi, CISO at Mount Sinai Health System, the topic of security and its role within a business was discussed.

The podcast looked at how companies have a much larger digital value in 2022 – hospitals with electronic health record systems and broadcasters using digital as a system of communication are two examples.

Customers want strong security

Due to this larger digital value, users, clients and customers want to work with companies that will protect their data – companies that have a strong security programme in place.

Geoff Belknap said: “Competitive advantage comes from what customers you can now secure.”

He also said companies with no security programme in place needed to start somewhere, even if it was small: “if you have no security programme then any small steps you take will be an improvement.”

And talked about employees as a security tool: “People in all departments should be thinking about security, flagging problems, suggesting improvements.”

The idea of creating a cybersecurity department can be considered a step too far for many business owners but if you use an MSSP, a Managed Security Service Provider, they can take care of an aspect of your business that is now very important.

External support

But Rishi Tripathi warned that all businesses should keep responsibility at their door: “MSSP are the guards, not the wardens.”

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