20 top powerpoint shortcuts

Microsoft, Powerpoint, top tipsShortcuts are a wonderful thing. They save time and if someone has gone to all that trouble creating them, it seems silly not to benefit from their efforts.

At PC Net Solutions we spend our working days ensuring the systems our clients use are on the top line and that any potential problems can be headed off before they become major headaches which could affect the productivity of a company.

Speeding up systems and ensuring peak proficiency is an essential part of what we have been doing for the last 20 years and, as part of our special 20th anniversary celebrations, we have provided a short series of blogs highlighting top 20 shortcut tips. You can also read our posts on excel top tips and top keyboard shortcuts.

Today we look at PowerPoint. There are a great many keyboard shortcuts within Powerpoint of course, but to mark our 20 years we have put forward 20 which we hope you will find useful:

  1. Ctrl and G: Group objects.
  2. Ctrl and shift and G: Ungroup objects.
  3. Ctrl and D: Duplicate.
  4. Shift and ctrl and <or>: Change font size.
  5. Alt and Q: Tell me what you want to do.
  6. Alt and W and Q tab to the value you want: Zoom.
  7. Alt and shift and +: Expand outline text below a heading.
  8. Alt and shift and -: Collapse outline text below a heading.
  9. Alt and F9: Show or hide the guides.
  10. Shift and F9: Show or hide the grid.
  11. Alt and shift and A: Collapse or show all text or headings.
  12. Ctrl and M: Insert a new slide.
  13. Shift and F3: Change case.
  14. F5: Run a presentation.
  15. F6: Move clockwise among panes in normal view.
  16. Shift and F6: Move counter clockwise among panes in normal view.
  17. Ctrl and shift and tab: Switch between outline and thumbnail panes.
  18. B: Make screen black during a show.
  19. W: Make screen white during a show.
  20. S: Stop or restart show.

How many did you know?