20 Top Keyboard Shortcuts

In our role as an IT provider we aim to make things easier for our clients, not only by ensuring their systems are the best that they can be and spotting any early warning signs that something may be amiss, but also by speeding their systems up and ensuring that they suit employees to promote productivity.

Another simple way that employees can improve their productivity is by utilising the many keyboard shortcuts available on their laptops and PC’s.

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts available – but many employees just do not know about them, or only know a few.

As part of our 20th year celebrations we are bringing you our top 20 tips in a variety of areas, so this month we thought we would look at keyboard shortcuts using the keyboard letters.

Have a look and see if there are any you didn’t know about that would be useful … (or just see how many you score out of 20!):

1.  Ctrl and A: Selects all in the current document.

2.  Ctrl and B: Bold text.

3.  Ctrl and C: Copies the item or text.

4.  Ctrl and D: Displays the Font dialogue box.

5.  Ctrl and E: Switch a paragraph between center and left alignment.

6.  Ctrl and I: Italicize text.

7.  Ctrl and J: Switch a paragraph between justified and left alignment.

8.  Ctrl and K: Create a hyperlink.

9.  Ctrl and L: Left align a paragraph.

10. Ctrl and M: Indent a paragraph from the left.

11. Ctrl and N: Create a new document.

12. Ctrl and O: Opens a new document.

13. Ctrl and P: Prints a document.

14. Ctrl and R: Switch the alignment of a paragraph between left and right.

15. Ctrl and S: Saves a document.

16. Ctrl and U: Underlines text.

17. Ctrl and V: Pastes the copied item or text.

18. Ctrl and X: Cuts the selected item or text.

19. Ctrl and Y: Redo the last action.

20. Ctrl and Z: Undo the last action.

So … how did you do?