20 things that happened 20 years ago (apart from PC Net launching!)

Do you remember what you were doing in 1998? Maybe you were one of the millions watching Titanic at the cinema? Or maybe you were logging on to Google for the first time?

We can certainly vividly remember that summer as it was the year we launched PC Net!

Now we’re proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary – so we thought we’d take a look back to the year we launched and share with you 20 significant things which happened in 1998:

  1. If you were buying Christmas presents for a child or you were a kid yourself back in 1998, chances are a Furby may have been on your wishlist. The electronic pets that learned words from their owners went on sale that year and a reported 27 million of them sold worldwide within their first 12 months.

  2. The legend that was Frank Sinatra passed away on May 14th having suffered a heart attack aged 82. The singer notched up 150 million record sales globally with hits including My Way and Fly Me to the Moon.

  3. As well as that film about an iceberg, top film releases in the year 1998 included The Parent Trap, Saving Private Ryan and The Truman Show.

  4. Over in America, President Bill Clinton was impeached at the end of the year while here in the UK Tony Blair completed his first year as Prime Minister.

  5. Production of the Euro began ahead of the currency being rolled out across Europe on the 1st January 1999.

  6. Goodbye by the Spice Girls topped the charts as Christmas Number 1 – Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice had left the band earlier that year.

  7. The first Apple iMac was launched in May 1998.

  8. France won the World Cup – an achievement they repeated this summer.

  9. The ‘Free the Weatherfield One’ campaign launched after Coronation Street character Deirdre Rachid was jailed for fraud.

  10. We first watched The Royle Family and Who Wants to be a Millionaire on our television screens while new American shows included Sex and the City and Will and Grace.

  11. The Good Friday Agreement was signed in Belfast on April 10th.

  12. Ice was reportedly found on the moon

  13. Construction of the Millennium Dome – now home to the O2 arena – began in March 1998 ahead of its opening at the turn of the new millennium


  14. The world’s first dive coaster, Oblivion, opened at Alton Towers Resort.

  15. The second book in the Harry Potter series, Chamber of Secrets, was released- a year after the world had been introduced to the character in first book Philosopher’s Stone.

  16. We hosted the Eurovision Song Contest at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. The Spanish vote was miscalculated but eventually Israel was announced as the winner.

  17. Ford launched its Focus model, which remains one of the best-selling cars in the world.

  18. There was a huge storm on Boxing Day when severe gale force winds hit most of the UK.

  19. DVDs were first released across Europe.

  20. It was a big year for technology, as the first portable MP3 player was also released over in America.