10 Ways Big Data Changes Everything

A yottabyte isn’t what happens when the Jedi master starts gnawing on
your leg. It’s the information equivalent of one quadrillion gigabytes,
and is enough digital data to fill the states of Delaware and Rhode
Island with a million data centers, according to Backblaze. While the
world hasn’t yet seen many yottabytes, industries like Internet search,
genomics, climate research, and business analytics are starting to
create massive data sets — in the peta- and exabyte range — that are
requiring an entirely new set of big data tools to manage.

The emergence of this so-called big data phenomenon is also
fundamentally changing everything from the way companies operate, to the
way people interact, to how the world deals with outbreaks of
infectious diseases. On March 21st and 22nd, GigaOM is throwing an event
about the future of this big data ecosystem in New York,
Structure:Data, and for the occasion, we’ve highlighted 10 case studies
illustrating how big data is changing the world.

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