10 steps you can take to secure your IT network

We all know about the threat posed by a burglary…

We are constantly aware of the need to remain alert and take the appropriate security measures to keep our homes and offices safe and secure – but many people adopt an infinitely more lax approach when it comes to potential data breaches and cyber-attacks.

IT systems breaches and the loss of personal and corporate information can be very costly in terms of both time and money and also bring heightened levels of worry, stress and anxiety – all of which can be eased through the implementation of a few basic but essential security measures.

Our top 10

Today, we are going to look at 10 technical and non-technical things you can do to secure your IT network before a hacker attempts to break in. Simple steps that are vital to maintaining the integrity of the system. 

These measures are something we can all do to block, secure and protect our computers and the data they hold. Our top 10 things we advise are:  

Install anti-virus software

Once in place on your laptop or computer, malware can delete or steal your data or encrypt it so it cannot be accessed.

Use complex passwords

Ensure they have a mixture of numbers, letters and computer symbols. We know how hard it is to remember obscure passwords but they can still be made memorable to you by substituting certain letters for numbers, for example; 3=Z.

Keep your operating system, apps and browser up to date

Out-of-date systems increase the risk of a security breach. Continuous upgrading will help you stay ahead of the hacker.

Ignore spam

Be constantly on your guard against unsolicited and unknown emails and never click on links you are unsure of.

Back up your data

What will you do if your data is lost or stolen? Having a backup means you can install it immediately without a loss of time or efficiency.

Keep the backup separate from your computer

If your backup is stored on your computer, you are probably going to lose that as well in the event of an attack.   

Secure your network

A robust security system will limit the risk of theft, loss or disruption of your important data. Employing an IT expert like PC Net means having the reassurance that we will look after all this for you.

Use two-factor authentication

Quite simply; having two unrelated authentication methods means double the security.

Use a firewall

A security barrier which screens incoming and outgoing network information before deciding what and what not to allow in line with a predetermined set of security standards. Insure against being hacked and data breaches – we all take out insurance, but it is becoming increasingly evident that cyber insurance is one of the more important elements.

If you need any help at all in ensuring your system is protected, contact your IT provider or get in touch with our team.