Having a healthy relationship with tech

On December 1st, 2020, we took part in the first #techtimeouttuesday awareness day – along with hundreds of other businesses!

The team here at PC Net pledged a combined total of 12 hours to log off, look up, and reconnect.

And we were happy to do so!


Because although we work in an industry full of technology, we believe it is really important for employers, employees and families to have a tech/life balance.

That is why Managing Director Katy joined with techtimeout as a brand ambassador and why we fully supported the awareness day, which followed Black Friday and Cyber Monday – two very tech-heavy days!

Healthier relationships

Techtimeout founder Stephanie Henson felt more needed to be done to help people have healthier relationships with technology. She believes there is an addiction in society impacting all generations that no-one was really talking about it.

Stephanie and the team at techtimeout wanted help to share the message to a wider audience with the aim of bringing about positive change.

Playing our part

So we are playing our part and encouraging healthy technology use in business and in the community. You can use the techtimeout blog for ideas on how to create a healthy balance – with zoom, email and more, and there is lots of advice about techtimeout ‘unplugging’ tactics.

Katy says: “December 1st raised awareness of the impact of technology on mental health and productivity and saw hundreds of employees across the UK taking part.

“The team took time out at different times in order to ensure our client’s needs were met but we all felt the benefit of a completely tech-free time out.

Technology has its place

“Technology definitely has its place but working in the world of IT we know how easy it is to get caught up with the technology and ‘forget’ to look after yourself.

“Therefore, I am passionate about mental health and recognising the importance of having outside interests.

“I am delighted to be an ambassador and am looking forward to making a real difference in 2021.”