Global computer component shortage raising concerns

There are growing concerns about a computer component shortage currently sweeping the world – and it could affect you!

Computers, MicroChips and technology, in general, are an integral part of businesses continuing to operate efficiently . . . or even at all, which is why this latest news is a worry and could pose serious obstacles over the coming months.

The causes

Brexit, the pandemic and even bad weather have had a major effect on the market, increasing overall demand for technology, creating greater difficulties in manufacturing and the supply chain.

We have been notified of the problems by suppliers who, in some cases, have already been forced to delay some projects due for completion in March of this year until August or beyond.

The shortage is a worry and we think it may well make things quite difficult for businesses in the future – we are already experiencing much longer lead times on large items like servers and high-end spec items such as graphic cards.

Businesses need to be aware of the issues,  ensure to order in advance and understand that this issue could get worse!

One supplier has told us of the shortage of MicroChips across the world which is leading to delays in builds and receiving stock for everything from computers to LFDS. 

There is also going to be a metal shortage for the next 18 months that will affect everything from building the chips themselves right through to chassis’ and bigger elements involved in the day-to-day running of an IT business.

What can you do?

There are things businesses can do to mitigate the problem, including being prepared and addressing needs by ordering early before the situation becomes critical, investigate possible alternatives and only order those components your business needs – thus reducing overall demand.

It’s clearly an ongoing problem that will be around for a while and this, coupled with the move to general digital transformation gathering pace as businesses strive to improve, means companies must endeavour to stay on top of the situation.