Enviromental Policy

PC Net Solutions Ltd is an IT support company supplying, installing and maintaining IT equipment, operating on a national basis. We operate from an office in Shrewsbury, our customer base is mainly local to Shropshire.

PC Net Solutions Ltd recognises that it has a duty of care to the environment. This Policy has been written to allow the effective communication of our aims and objectives in fulfilling this duty.

PC Net Solutions Ltd is committed to meeting the following aims:

• Preventing pollution.
• Working to ensure that the service delivered to our customers consistently meets or exceeds their expectations, and respond effectively to any concerns which may arise.
• Monitoring our performance and identify improvement action as necessary, in order to continually improve our systems and procedures as well as in our environmental performance.
• Making best use of technology within PC Net solutions and advice to our customers to help reduce environmental impact.
• Complying with relevant environmental and other legislation throughout all stages of our business activities and operations.
• Periodically reviewing this policy to ensure its continuing relevance and accuracy in meeting our aims.

PC Net Solutions Ltd will achieve these commitments by:

• Annually setting and reviewing progress towards environmental objectives and targets and management programmes to ensure continual improvement.
• Providing training for all employees to understand the company’s environmental policies, objectives and programmes and their role within them.
• Working with suppliers and contractors to ensure full compliance with legislation.