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Whether you realise it or not, if you are a small business you more than
likely you need small business CRM. If you want to build your business
by improving your customer experience and seizing lost sales
opportunities, then small business CRM can help. If your company is
using more than 1 software programme to record your customer details,
sales, and employee information – then you can easily benefit from a CRM


New EU
regulations on the use by British websites of cookies have been watered
down by the UK’s Information Commissioner just hours before they were
due to come into force. (May 25th 2012) If you have a company website
you need to know the regulations and what to do to avoid prosecution –
or you could be liable for a hefty fine.


Offering valuable digital storage and ultimate portability, external
hard drives have become a must-have for virtually every computer user.
However, with the digital storage market awash with countless portable
hard drives it can be hard to know how to choose what’s best for your
needs. These are the key factors to consider to when searching for an
external hard disk drive (HDD).


Having reassured its customers for decades that the Mac operating
system was safe from the viruses and malware that plague Windows users,
Apple suddenly had to take action against an intruder. The Flashback
trojan, which apparently infected…


we to believe Nick Clegg when he says the government will not “ram
legislation through Parliament” to increase monitoring of emails and web
usage. The plans to increase web surveillance have been spectacularly…


Typically there is a perception that large organisations are able to
invest in more advanced technological solutions which are out of reach
of smaller companies, preventing them from competing on a level playing
field. However, businesses will experience significant change in their
industry sectors in the future, due to the impacts of technology.


A yottabyte isn’t what happens when the Jedi master starts gnawing on
your leg. It’s the information equivalent of one quadrillion gigabytes,
and is enough digital data to fill the states of Delaware and Rhode
Island with a million data centers, according to Backblaze.