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A whole generation has grown up not knowing what a world without IT is like, and the prospect of operating a business deprived of it is frankly unthinkable – but that is what a growing number of companies targeted by cyber-attacks are being faced with.


Technology! We live and work with it every day. It is the means of making a living, has fuelled a social media obsession and is the fount of all knowledge, accurate and otherwise – but has this valued servant now become our master?


Because technology has its place – and it is a big place in this post lockdown digital world – but it is really important that in a world so dominated by technology….we take time out.


An extra £1m is being made available to ‘top-up’ the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, part of the partnership between Shropshire Council and the Government’s Department for Digital Culture, Media & Sport to get more people connected.


We have all become increasingly aware of the importance, necessity and flexibility of working from home in recent months – something many businesses are now looking at as the new normal. But to do this successfully in the long term we must learn how to make better use of the available technology.


IT is an industry dominated by constant change so, when many business owners were trying to work differently, we were able to help them make the changes, support them to adjust and reassure them that change is not always a bad thing.