What do outsourced IT companies actually provide?

We all need a little help from time to time and there is no doubt that the success of a business can be greatly enhanced by calling on the professional specialised expertise of an outside company – commonly known as outsourcing.

PC Net Solutions is an outsourced IT department for our customers, most of whom are located in and around Shropshire, and has many years of experience in helping these businesses become and remain successful. But many people are probably unaware of just what an outsourced IT department does!

IT outsourcing means using an external service provider to deliver some or all of the IT functions required by a business and includes:

  • Managing infrastructure
  • Directing strategy
  • Running the service desk

A growing trend

More and more businesses are realising the advantages of IT outsourcing – an estimated 75% of companies have adopted the practice with the figure growing all the time, and many of those have plans to increase the services of the outsourced provider still further.

When it is done correctly IT outsourcing provides the reassurance for companies of knowing that these all-important services they need to be successful are in good hands and can be trusted implicitly – providing a major impact on the way they do business.

Efficient service delivery, cost-savings and protection

IT outsourcing can ultimately prove to be a cost-saver, provide more efficient service delivery and help to prevent the ever-increasing threat of security breaches.

PC Net Solutions offers assistance on a range of IT issues, a support desk and more than half of our customers take out a maintenance contract with us. This means they can rest assured that we are looking after their network at all times.

Support for businesses

Providing support for businesses who need us continues to be our top priority, particularly at a time when many business owners have other things higher up on their to-do list than IT management.

Putting their trust in a highly reputable outsourced IT company like PC Net Solutions means they can happily leave that side of their business safely in our hands while they get on with the all-important day-to-day running of a successful company.

For more information about how we can help your business, call us on 01743 290588 or email katy@pcnetsolutions.co.uk