Passwords – the bane of our lives but a tedious necessity!

Anyone who knows us or regularly views our blogs will be fully aware of our ongoing campaign to impress upon people the need to regularly change their passwords – and try to come up with one that’s impossible to crack.

It’s not rocket science! The more difficult the password, the more likely it will be that you can keep all that valuable information and data safe and secure.

We know the problems. If you come up with a nonsensical password with a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols, the harder it is to remember. This is why most of us stick to something we know well, will remember, and probably use for everything else we need a password for!

An impassioned plea

Choosing the dog’s name, a maiden name, a name associated with your favourite pastime or a birthday probably means your password will be easy to remember – but won’t prove an insurmountable barrier to anyone with even the most basic knowledge about you.

And if you have gone to the trouble of coming up with an appropriately robust password that will confound those trying to steal your data, for goodness sake don’t write it down somewhere for all to see because you’re unlikely to remember it!

Take the time to learn it thoroughly. If it is something you are using regularly it really shouldn’t be that big a challenge to memorise.

Guidelines to follow

  • The longer the password the better – just make sure you can remember it 
  • Use a meaningless word, or random letters, both upper and lowercase, unconnected numbers and symbols 
  • Don’t use a password containing personal information
  • Ensure all the passwords you use are different. That way if one is hacked, the others should be safe
  • Don’t leave your email and password automatically logged in when you visit an account

We regularly hear of cases where personal and corporate information has been compromised – often with devastating effects. Your password is an important first line of defence against attack but is so often treated in a cavalier fashion.

By taking steps to toughen up your passwords you will be helping to ensure you stay secure. Passwords may be a real pain to remember but are an integral part of our life in today’s world – a tedious necessity that we must learn to use correctly.