How much is outdated technology costing your business?

Do your employees frequently find themselves waiting for their technology to ‘wake up’ so they can start their day?
Is your team always complaining about constant computer freezes or the amount of time it takes to download a document?

If this sounds familiar, your business could be one of many suffering at the hands of outdated technology – but how much is outdated technology costing your business? And what can you do about it?

Is your outdated tech costing you and your business money?

Among other things, the amount of time lost as a result of outdated tech is going to add up, taking a big chunk out of the working day.

While your employees endure the waiting time for their computers to ‘warm up’ each morning and for their laptop to thaw from its most recent freeze, they could have been busy working to reach a deadline, confirming a meeting with a new client or uploading the latest blog to your website.

Previous research has discovered the tasks typically suffering from the longest outdated technology hold-ups are;

– Opening software and programmes, taking up to 20 minutes a day.
– Opening and saving documents, taking up to 16.5 minutes a day.
– Sending emails, taking up to 16.5 minutes a day.

During the working day, your employees’ time costs you money, so why are you letting outdated technology steal this precious resource from you?

How does outdated tech affect your employees?

Not only does outdated tech cost your business in terms of productivity and time, it can also have an impact on employee morale.

With computer crashes destroying unsaved work and apps freezing mid-task – breaking the rhythm of a task that someone’s only just found – it’s no surprise that employee spirits can be low, especially if these incidents are happening on a daily basis!

An employee yearns for support, hoping their business will invest in technology that will look after them and enable them to complete tasks to a high standard. With many employees working overtime or continuing into their lunch break to make up for technological delays, it’s no wonder that people can feel dissatisfied at work.

Ensuring your workplace has up-to-date technology can add value to your employees and, in turn, to your organisation.

The hybrid working pandemic

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of people now working from home is at an all-time high.

Due to the rise in remote working, it’s no surprise there is a heavy reliance on technology, with video conferencing and emails being the only means of communication for many.

As the increase in remote working happened so quickly, businesses had little time to prepare their workers, with outdated technology and equipment taking centre stage in people’s home offices.

Unfortunately, the increased requirement for video conferencing and online sharing tools has meant that many workers’ equipment has become overwhelmed, having a negative impact on productivity during the working day.

What can you do to help?

Fortunately, there’s a number of things you can do to help both your business and your employees to overcome the challenges of outdated technology, regardless of whether your business has returned to the office or not.

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