We post regular, topical articles in this Blog to keep you up to speed with what is happening in the small business IT technology world. We take pride in avoiding geek-speak. We want you to enjoy our updates and find them so useful you will want to drop by again or pass them on.

IoT - what exactly is it? read more

You'll have probably heard of IoT ... but do you know what it really is? Read on ... 


An introduction to IoT read more

You can't really avoid it, the Internet of Things is everywhere. We know from speaking with customers that it's still quite an unknown for many, so we thought we'd put together an introductory infographic to break it down for you ...

Broadband Grant for Shropshire Businesses read more

Did you know that Shropshire businesses can access a £25,000 grant towards improved broadband connectivity? Read on ...

Meet our team - Andy Perry read more

Our next staff profile features a long serving member of staff, Andy - and he shows no signs of resting on his laurels yet!

How 'IT-Ready' for GDPR are you? read more

Yep, the time has come, it's less than a month until GDPR comes into effect, and most businesses still aren't prepared.

If that's you, our high level overview should help set you on the right path.


Our IT apprentice technician goes under the bonnet read more

Matthew fits the profile of the traditional IT techie more closely than either of the the team members we introduced previously. But he still bucks the stereotype and is as likely to be found under the bonnet of a car as he is repairing a computer or operating a gaming joystick.

We can spot a problem before you even know it's there read more

Before anything goes wrong with our clients' systems, before they experience downtime, before an employee reports that something isn't working on their computer - we generally know.

How? With remote monitoring we can spot a problem before you even know it's there.


Staying safe online read more

Staying safe online concerns us all, with the risks brought home on an almost daily basis with reports of hacking, fraud and other security breaches. Learn about the government website that provides help to businesses and personal users...

7 types of malware - and what they mean read more

All computer users know that they may, at some point, become the target of a computer programme up to no good... but what exactly is a trojan or ransomware?

Find out by reading our quick guide here. 


Our Administrator is a Zumba Fitness Fan read more

We promised you a peek behind the doors of PC Net Solutions Ltd and an introduction to our team - the people working to ensure we do the best job we possibly can for our clients. Today we'd like to introduce you to Alisha Patel-Smith.

What can our IT company do for you? read more

As an IT provider our day to day activities are not usually a hot topic of conversation in the pub on a Friday night – but it's important to know what our IT company does for our clients. We can help to protect your business, help grow your business and provide peace of mind to you  – the business owner.


User access and staying secure read more

This month we take a look at user access control and highlight some of the steps you can take to keep your business safe.

Our Technical Director rides a unicycle read more

Do you know Paul Coulthard-Jones, our Technical Director is not only our 'go to person', he also rides a unicycle. Learn more about what Paul does here...

What is a patch and why do I need it? read more

However secure we think our computer software is, there are always weaknesses. Discover why it is vital to keep your software patches up to date.

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Essentials read more

More than 30% of small businesses across the UK were victims of targeted cyber attacks during the last 12 months.

The problem is increasing, and now businesses of all sizes need to take action to protect themselves against cyber-crime. The most common breaches were via fraudulent emails, viruses and malware.  Many of these problems could be prevented by using the new Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme, which details expert guidance on how to protect against these threats...