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The National Cyber Security Strategy, published in 2016, sets out the government’s ambition
to ensure the sustained supply of the best possible home-grown cyber security talent, whilst
funding specific interventions in the short term to help meet known skills gaps. Find out more about the CSIIF
pilot is designed to help and incentivise a range of organisations develop, scale up, or
refocus initiatives that make an immediate impact on the cyber skills shortage in the UK.


A recent Goverment Cybercrime survey has revealed some startling statistics … 43% of businesses have been victim to a cyber attack in the last year alone. We take a look at the results and give you some food for thought on how to reduce your likelihood of an attack …


You can’t really avoid it, the Internet of Things is everywhere. We know from speaking with customers that it’s still quite an unknown for many, so we thought we’d put together an introductory infographic to break it down for you …


Yep, the time has come, it’s less than a month until GDPR comes into effect, and most businesses still aren’t prepared.

If that’s you, our high level overview should help set you on the right path.


Matthew fits the profile of the traditional IT techie more closely than
either of the the team members we introduced previously. But he
still bucks the stereotype and is as likely to be found under the bonnet
of a car as he is repairing a computer or operating a gaming joystick.


Before anything goes wrong with our clients’ systems,
before they experience downtime, before an employee reports that something
isn’t working on their computer – we generally know.

How? With remote monitoring we can spot a problem before you even know it’s there.